Female sexual act

 The success of the female sexual act depends on both psychological stimulation and local sexual stimulation. Stimulation Erotic thoughts can provoke sexual desire in women ; This notably helps the performance of the female sexual act. This desire is highly Read more


Sex. Unlike physical and behavioral distinguishes individual organisms, according to the functions performed in the processes of reproduction . Through this difference, by which there are males and females, a species can constantly combine genetic information and give rise to Read more


Hormones . Chemical substances that are generally released directly into the bloodstream, alone (bioavailable) or associated with certain proteins (which extend their half-life) and have their effect on certain organs or tissues at a distance from where they were synthesized, Read more

What are Fossils

The fossils are traces of organisms (animals and plants) that have been preserved very old and over the years through natural processes. Remains that are more than 11,000 years old are considered fossils. In other words, in the geological era of the Holocene Read more

Red Cells

Red blood cells are circular cells present in the blood that live in the body for 120 days and, in addition, are formed from hemoglobin and globulin . The hemoglobin , a red iron – containing protein, the major intracellular protein is considered the red blood cells, and its function is to transport oxygen Read more

Spinal cord

The spinal or spinal cord is a cylindrical cord, composed of nerve cells, located in the internal canal of the vertebrae. Its function is to establish communication between the body and the nervous system, and also act on reflexes, protecting Read more

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Eating healthy and combined with physical exercise contributes to quality of life. How to have a healthy diet? One way to get healthy food is through the Food Pyramid . It consists Read more