Erotic self-strangulation: This is a non-traditional form of arousal that includes strangulation to reduce the oxygen level Introduction Like all paraphilia , (called perversion by law and psychoanalysis , and called paraphilia by Sexology ) has ancient roots in personal Read more

Transgender symbols

Transgender symbols. They are the most recently created symbols, the product of the search for an identity, because the needs of trans people are very different from those of gays, lesbians and bisexuals and that is why these sexual dissidents created Read more


Heterosexuality. It is a sexual orientation characterized by desire and attraction towards people of the opposite sex. A heterosexual man is attracted to women, while a heterosexual woman is attracted to men. Concept It is designated with the term of Read more


Homophile , a word in disuse today. In Botany , it refers to all the species corresponding to the plant kingdom as plants or shrubs that have all similar or similar leaves to each other. Definitions According to Charles Kadushin (2012), Homophilia (from the Read more