Partner exchange

Partner exchange . Swinging (in English means to change). Regarded as style of life swingers lifestyle or simply ( “lifestyle”); It includes a wide range of sexual activities carried out between heterosexual couples in the same private premises or private building. In English swingers, in Spanish the accepted term for swingers Read more


Homophile , a word in disuse today. In Botany , it refers to all the species corresponding to the plant kingdom as plants or shrubs that have all similar or similar leaves to each other. Definitions According to Charles Kadushin (2012), Homophilia (from the Read more


Rejection of homosexuality and homosexuals, homophobia reveals intolerance and discrimination. This term has been intended to describe the rejection, fear, repudiation, prejudice or discrimination towards women or men who recognize themselves as homosexuals. The everyday use of the word includes Read more