Transgender symbols

Transgender symbols. They are the most recently created symbols, the product of the search for an identity, because the needs of trans people are very different from those of gays, lesbians and bisexuals and that is why these sexual dissidents created their own symbols.


Universal transgender symbol

Universal transgender symbol
Universal transgender symbol

Popular symbols used to identify transgender people (transvestites, transsexuals, often consist of a modification of the biological symbol of the sexes.

In addition to the arrow pointing to the upper right that represents the man (astrological symbol of Mars), the cross is added in the lower part of the circle representing the female symbol (of the astrological symbol of Venus). It thus incorporates both aspects, both masculine and feminine.

Transgender pride flag

Universal transgender flag
Universal transgender flag

Another transgender symbol is the transgender pride flag, designed by Monica Helms and first presented in partnership at a gay pride march in Phoenix , Arizona in 2000 .

The flag represents the transgender community and consists of five horizontal bands: two light blue, two pink and one white in the center. Its author described the meaning as follows:”… The light blue band represents the traditional color to dress baby boys and pink for girls. The white in the center is for those who are in that transition, those who wish to remain neutral between one gender and another and those maintained by both sexes. The way it is designed allows that no matter which side is used when flaming, it will always be correct. This symbolizes ourselves, trying to find the right side in our own lives … “

Butterfly and Yin Yang

Other transgender symbols include a butterfly (symbolizing transformation and metamorphosis) and a pink and blue Ying Yang (symbol of balance).

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