Erotic self-strangulation: This is a non-traditional form of arousal that includes strangulation to reduce the oxygen level

Unusual sexual behavior
Unusual sexual behavior


Like all paraphilia , (called perversion by law and psychoanalysis , and called paraphilia by Sexology ) has ancient roots in personal biography . Neural, prenatal and postnatal components are not ruled out, as in all human behaviors.

In some asphyxiaphiliacs who died due to their practice, their asthmatic disease was recognized.

John Money co-authored The Breathless Orgasm , along with a former patient, whose name he always hid, but who ate to write his experiences guided by the knowledge of Money. The first infancy and childhood images of the former patient eroticized the strangulation, turning suffering into pleasure.

The absence of family sex education , the severity and prohibition of childhood and childhood sexual games, along with the common episodes in the lives of children (jealousy, abandonment of parents due to the existence of another minor child, loss of of the father, affective neglect of the elders towards the children, traumatic separations of the parents) added to sensory difficulties, diverse intellectual capacity, combine to build an affective and erotic mental model that the author called: maps of love. Added to them are the events of loss at an age when grief is made, often through the body, without being able to speak to anyone because of having lost a childhood love.

The asphyxiaphile’s love map requires erotic images that lead him to a compulsive behavior of reducing his oxygen flow when he masturbates.

Deadly Pleasure

The practice produces a partial loss of consciousness , which causes sexual pleasure, but this is what puts the person at risk.

Asphyxophilia is considered a dangerous paraphilia , since it stimulates arousal, reducing the oxygen level, through procedures close to strangulation , which can be fatal because at the time of orgasm the person may not have enough control to take care of his life. If oxygen does not reach the brain and the person passes out, they may die if they are not unleashed in time.

Sex education as prevention

During the years of impoverishment of the Gran Rosario due to the growing unemployment of the 1990s, there was a string of teenage suicides in the town of Gobernador Gálvez , in the province of Santa Fe , Argentina .

It was attributed to the unemployment of the parents of these adolescents. By carefully reading the data provided by the journalism, I glimpsed in the description of the death of the adolescents, some circumstances similar to those of asphyxiophilic masturbation. It seemed that they managed their masturbatory behavior accompanied by strangulation, with an anxiety that led to an unwanted death.

Sex Education should talk about these issues among young people, not to give ideas but to prevent random political events that lead parents to neglect their children. Parents are overwhelmed with financial regrets, they cannot, do not know and do not learn to talk about sexual issues, or guide their children, they do not detect their paraphilia and thus aggravate their situation of pain with irreparable loss.

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