Bupivacaine hydrochloride

Drug belonging to the group of local anesthetics indicated for infiltration. Central regional anesthesia for blockage. Palliative of Pain caused by Cancer . Composition Each milliliter contains 5 milligrams of bupivacaine hydrochloride. Indications Local anesthetic (for infiltration). Central regional anesthesia for Read more


The bupivacaine known as anesthesia, strictly medical application for prolonged duration and powerful radio application procedures used in post-operative cancer to relieve pain; In injection it is used through intramuscular, epidural, intra-articular, even perineural dosing. Bupivacaine is four times more potent than lidocaine; its action Read more


Bumetanide is a sulfonamide- type loop diuretic , used in the treatment of edema associated with congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, and kidney disease such as nephrotic syndrome. It is structurally related to furosemide, but its diuretic potency is approximately 40 Read more

Bulimia nervosa

It is an eating disorder characterized by repeated episodes of excessive food intake in a short period of time. Bulimia is coupled with an excessive preoccupation with controlling body weight, which can lead you to use methods to control weight Read more

Tobramycin bulb

 Bactericidal drug, at least under aerobic conditions, this property is reduced under anaerobic and hyperosmolar conditions. To exert its mechanism of action, it is actively transformed through the bacterial membrane, irreversibly binds to one or more specific receptor proteins of the Read more


Persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of toads and frogs . Buffonophobia Very common phobia in children but also suffered by some adults (both men and women). They tend to think that toads or frogs will grow and may eat them. When the Read more


Buflomedil is a molecule that acts as a vasodilator, to increase the caliber of small blood vessels. It also facilitates blood circulation. Mechanism of action Peripheral and cerebral vasoactive action. Improves microcirculation in areas of vascular insufficiency of the extremities and increases cerebral Read more


Beta-adrenergic drug, produces arterial and arteriolar vasodilation at the peripheral and cerebral level; It also causes an increase in cardiac frequency and output, consequently the mean arterial pressure does not change . Therapeutic indications Peripheral vascular disease (such as obliterative arteriosclerosis, obliterative thromboangiitis, diabetic vasculopathy, Enf. And Raynaud’s Read more


anti-inflammatory corticosteroid widely used in the treatment of asthma to combat inflammation . Definition Budesonide is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, widely used in the treatment of asthma to combat inflammation.It has a great anti-inflammatory potency, which together with a fairly high safety profile makes it the most Read more

Swine brucellosis

 Zoonotic type disease of the reproductive system , can produce up to 80% of abortions in a sow. Etiology Brucella suis, spread through contact between infected animals. Males infect females during sexual intercourse and in some cases females can infect suckling piglets Symptoms Read more