Ovine brucellosis

it is produced by Brucella melitensis or by Brucella avis; two bacteria other than B. ovis infection affects only the cattle sheep in producing a box labeled: infectious epididymitis epididymitis of sheep or lambs. There is no evidence of contagion to the human species . Symptoms Repetition of jealousy in served sheep . Lower Read more

Canine brucellosis

Equine brucellosis. Infectious contagious disease of equines caused by the bacteria Brucella abortus or B. suis. In horses, the bacteria produce the diseases known as fistulous cross and nape ulcer, characterized by inflammation of the supraspinatus and supra Atlanta joint bags respectively. Read more

Bovine brucellosis

It is an infectious-contagious disease, acute or chronic, that affects both animals and man. It causes reproductive problems, such as miscarriages, infertility, and weak offspring. Synonymy Bang disease, contagious abortion Etiology It is produced by a Bacteria of the genus Brucella (abortus, melitensis, Read more


Infectious non-human mammalian disease that is contagious to man; it is caused by Brucella species. Infection Medium The brucellosis usually detected in goats , cattle cattle, pigs , sheep and dogs bred in kennels (particularly beagles). Infections have also been observed in horses , mules, wild buffalo , reindeer (caribou), deer , elk, mares, and desert rats . The placenta , fetus , milk, and semen of animals with brucellosis can be infectious. On the other hand, insects do not appear to Read more


Brucellosis is an infectious zoonosis caused by one of four Brucella species or biovars known to infect humans: Brucella mellitensis (goats and sheep), B. abortus (cattle), B. suis (pigs), and B. canis ( dogs). B. neotomae (rodents) and B. ovis (sheep) Read more


It shortens the sleep induction period , reduces the frequency of night waking and prolongs the sleep time. Mechanism of action It binds specifically and with high affinity to benzodiazepine receptors in the CNS. It shortens the sleep induction period, reduces the frequency of Read more


Brontofobia , is like so many other phobias , a fear that appears in certain situations that we face in this case, storms, thunder and lightning. This fear or fear begins to be detrimental to our life when it limits Read more

Avian Infectious Bronchitis

The virus infectious bronchitis (IBV) is a highly contagious viral disease of chickens which is usually manifested as a respiratory condition. The evaluation of the immunological status, as well as the serological identification of IBV, requires the measurement of antibodies against IBV in Read more

Industrial bronchitis

Industrial bronchitis is swelling (inflammation) of the large airways of the lungs that occurs in some people who work around dusts, fumes, vapors, or other substances. Causes Exposure to dusts, fumes, strong acids, and other chemicals in the air cause this Read more


It is an inflammation of the lower airways. It happens when the bronchial tubes, located between the lungs , become inflamed due to an infection or some other cause. According to its duration and etiology, a distinction is made between acute bronchitis, of short Read more