Brain Functions

The brain is the “central computer” of our body, located inside the cranial box , it is part of the nervous system , where all the information we receive converge.

The brain represents only 2% of our body mass but consumes more than 20% of our oxygen . It controls activities such as the control of motor actions, the integration of sensory stimuli and neurological activities such as memory and speech.

Anatomy of the Human Brain

The brain is made up of two overlapping tissues. The cerebral cortex , the most external, is the most extensive, gray in color , composed of the cell bodies of neurons and other nerve cells.

The white colored tissue is the brain nucleus , rich in nerve fibers that establish communication between the cerebral cortex, the sensory organs and the muscles of the whole body.

Brain Lobes (Brain Lobes)

The brain is divided into four interconnected lobes at the center of the fissures.

The brain lobes and hemispheres
The brain lobes and hemispheres

The denominations of frontal lobe, parietal, temporal and occipital, are associated with the bones of the skull.

Frontal Lobe

It is the largest of the four, extending behind the forehead. Responsible for the simplest physical movements, as well as for the functions of learning, thinking, memory and speech.

Parietal Wolf

Located behind the front, it extends to the back of the head. Responsible for spatial perception and sensory information of pain, heat and cold.

Temporal Lobe

Located at the base of the parietal, even the height of the ears is responsible for auditory stimuli.

Occipital Lobe

It is the smallest of the four, located at the back of the storm, receiving and processing visual images.

Brain Hemispheres

The brain is made up of two halves called cerebral hemispheres.

The left half controls the opposite side of the organism, that is, the order of movements directed to the right side starts from the left hemisphere. If the dominant hemisphere is the right brain, the person will be left-handed.

Cerebral laterality and main activities
Cerebral laterality and main activities

Each hemisphere controls a series of functions, for example, the right hemisphere gives us the ability to recognize faces and objects. The left side of the brain controls our ability to read and write, as well as allowing us to identify grammatical rules.

However, these hemispheres work together and in some functions they are proven to be controlled by both sides, such as speech, for example. Studies with people who had an injured hemisphere and continued to speak showed this result.

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Brain Functions

Brain Functions
Brain Functions

The brain controls all of our activities and feelings, such as body movements, memory and our emotions. If we are able to walk, talk and reflect this is due to the joint action of different regions of the brain.

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