All About Serbia

Serbia’s history  as a country begins with the Slavic settlements in the Balkans, established in the 6th century in territories ruled by the Byzantine Empire. Serbia Flag The current form of the flag of Serbia was the Serbian National Assembly with a Read more

All About Romania

Located in the southeastern portion of the European continent, more precisely in the Balkans, Romania , whose name means “land of the Romans”, is limited to the north with Ukraine, northwest with Hungary , northeast with Moldova, south with Bulgaria in the west with Read more

All About Qatar

Qatar, also called Qatar, is a country in the Middle East. Officially it is known as an emirate, being, therefore, a territory governed by an emir (title of nobility equivalent to prince in the West). It is one of the richest countries in the world, with the Al Thani family in power, Read more

All About New Zealand

New Zealand has the nickname of Aotearoa , a word that means “land of the great white cloud”. This small country, located on the continent of Oceania and considered the brother of Australia, has only 4.5 million inhabitants, spread over this small large Read more

All About Iraq

The Iraq is a country located in the Middle East that currently borders Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. Its capital is Baghdad and its political organization is republican parliamentarism. With a territory of more than 400 thousand km² and a population Read more

All About Portugal

The main rivers that govern the country are the Tagus, which cuts through Lisbon, to the south and the Douro River which cuts through the city of Porto, to the north.  Population The Portuguese population is approximately 11 million inhabitants, Read more